We recently installed this 300 square foot putting green in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville.

Drainage was a chief concern for this installation, as the surrounding hardscape introduced considerable water to the adjacent putting surface. With that in mind, we elevated this green a few inches above finished grade to ensure no water would flow onto the green from the adjacent pavers.

The homeowner’s main request was “character within the green.” This is a request that we often receive. With that in mind, we installed the cups so that the homeowner would have an uphill right to left putt, a downhill left to right putt, and a sidehill right to left (he is a lefty).

We also installed a 5 millimeter impact pad beneath the putting green surface. When hitting chip shots, the impact pad helps the ball react like it would on a natural putting surface. Our impact pads, combined with 8 pounds of infill sand per square foot, is the secret sauce to creating a backyard putting green that is as close to the real thing as it gets.

We are golfers who build greens for golfers.