As the summer months approach, many folks are excited to start enjoying their backyard swimming pools. Artificial grass has become a popular choice when deciding what to “wrap” the pool in.

Many of our customers who go the synthetic turf route tend to replace their real grass as it presents myriad problems when adjacent to a swimming pool: Grass clippings inevitably end up in the pool and it is often accompanied by a muddy mess. Artificial grass solves these problems instantly.

But there are important considerations to be aware of when deciding on what type of synthetic turf to install poolside, as well as what infill sand to apply (infill gives the turf weight and helps the individual fibers to remain vertical). Also, what will border the exterior portion of the turf?

Consideration #1: Softness. Bare feet and a rigid grass blade often do not go well together. While we are advocates of a very firm blade, poolside turf is one instance where it makes sense to go with a softer style turf. While it will not stay as vertical over time as a more rigid blade will, it will be a much more comfortable experience for you and your family.

Consideration #2: Heat. Turf gets hot in direct sunlight, there’s no way of getting around this one. However, for pool surrounds especially, we advocate using a specialized infill called TCool®. It contains a proprietary coating that absorbs and retains moisture. Over the course of a few days, this moisture is slowly released through solar radiation, cooling the turf by up to 50 degrees! If you are installing poolside synthetic turf, you should insist on the use of this product.

Consideration #3: Borders. When it comes to what to wrap the exterior portion of the turf in, we must consider what the turf will border. If the turf will be adjacent to a hardscape, then we simply trim the turf to it accordingly. If, however, the turf is to border natural grass, we advocate the use of a low-profile commercial grade landscape edging. We use a composite style edging that we set just below the top of the turf, thereby eliminating the potential for a trip hazard. The other benefit is that it creates a line of demarkation with the natural grass, ensuring that it doesn’t travel into the artificial turf area. It gives our clients peace of mind knowing there is a clear boundary of separation, ensuring that their investment is protected.

Soft turf combined with cooling infill sand and a solid border will ensure that your pool area remains clean, low maintenance, and comfortable. Oh, and did we mention that it looks absolutely awesome??!!